Successful agile teams are the ones that have the freedom to determine how they work.

Many organisations have standard ways of working, methods that they insist that all their teams should follow.  This is done for good reason, consistency, compliance etc. but it can constrain or hamper teams if it is not done right. The idea that a single method is applicable and ‘right-sized’ for all the endeavors that an organization is working on is doomed to failure. Agree


A method war has been raging for 50 years. We want peace and the freedom to choose the practices we need.

All methods share much more than their creators think, the differences are artificially magnified.
Instead of collaborating, the method gurus fight one another. Instead of belonging to the software engineering community as a whole, you belong to a much smaller method community. Agree

Wind Craft

The software industry, with more than 25 million workers, should behave more like an engineering discipline than like a craft!

The hand-crafting of routine tasks is wasteful. Given that “most tasks are routine and not innovative” (Mary Shaw, CMU), routine tasks should be automated, ‘engineered’, resulting in better quality with faster outcomes. We need to liberate teams from ‘no brain work’ giving them the freedom to be more creative when needed. Agree