Do you also agree it is foolish that

  • The software industry is like the fashion industry with new designs every now and then?
  • An industry, more than 50 years old and so huge is relying on gurus – software methodology salesmen?
  • Your people working on one product, working with one method, can’t easily move to a different product team working with another method?

Ok, so you probably also agree that

  • An efficient software development method and
  • Highly competent people

are critical success factors for your company

Then today Essence is for you because:


It opens the industry door to an eco-system of practices that are re-usable and composable into methods that are fit for purpose and right-sized for your teams. – cutting out waste and bloat

It releases your organization from the shackles of specific methods and allows you to pick and choose from the worlds best and latest practice offerings. – cutting out the gurus but learning from the experts

It opens your organizational eyes to the competence or competence gaps of your teams and engineers so you can build teams and your wider workforce with confidence – building a world-beating capability

It enables Live Guidance™ for team members as they work.  This ensures that the teams get the right advice when they need it and can capture and share improvements in-flight.  No more just paying lip-service to following a method.

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